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Since the late fifties there have been hundreds if not thousands of performers that started their musical careers by performing in the pubs, clubs, and theatres across the UK.

Sadly just a tiny few of those went on to become big international stars.

So what happened to the rest?
Well naturally many groups broke-up; some because life got in the way, and they could no longer afford to live their dreams. And others; because key members left to join other existing bands, or to form new bands, and some of these bands then went on to become famous.

But what happened to those that stayed together, and didn't become famous?
Well, thankfully they continued to excite audience with their unique talent for many years to come, performing night after night in the thriving pubs and clubs around their home towns.

So this area of the website is where we can remember those talented and committed founding fathers of the UK pop scene.

A place to relive your youth, and gossip about those acts that were really popular in your area during the 60's & 70's.

  • Below is a list of all the acts that people have contributed so far.

    • Those in blue: Are active links, and clicking the link will take you to more information.

    • Those in black: Are none-active links, because there's currently no information available.

So please contact me with any memories, or information about any of these artists, or any other artists you can think of from these areas.

And if your area's not yet shown: Then please let me know about acts from your area.

And... if you were a member of any of these acts, (or others in your area) then obviously, it would be especially great to hear from you too.

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The Midlands

The Light Fantastic
Finders Keepers
The Montanas
The Californians
The Black Abbots
The Rockin Berries
   * Mel Galley
Raymond Froggatt
Ian (sludge) Lees







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