The Light Fantastic


The Light Fantastic... was one of those amazing speciality groups of the 60s.

Because, not only did they play great chart material, including Rock, Soul and Motown hits, but their show also included one or more theatrical pieces, designed to terrify the living daylights out of you. 

I remember one such Schtick...
It started with the group playing: 'The Monster Mash' (originally by: Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Cryptkickers) and the curtain would open to reveal a coffin on stage, which was on fire!

Then at the right moment (usually when all the newbies in the crowd had moved closer to the stage to get a better look) the coffin lid would be flung forward and Ron Dixon would menacingly emerge dressed as Count Dracula, with his mouth full of blood, and blood running down his face.

This would usually have the desired effect on the audience; as everyone would run away screaming  in a blind panic, and not just the girls!

A pulsed flashing white light would give the effect of slow motion, as Ron pranced menacingly about on stage for a minute or two, until he leapt into the crowd, (who by now had moved back closer).

Finally, Ron would chase some hysterical female through the crowd, 'bite' her on the neck and carry her back to his crypt, usually as she struggled and screamed all the way!

Seems a bit sexist in today's politically correct society, but it was all taken in good fun, everyone had a great time, even the girls who always came back for more the next time TLF were in town.

And the show would normally end with several bright flashes and loud explosions!

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