The Montana's


The Montana's... were a 5 or 6 piece band who played both chart material, and their own material.

They had great voices and had real stage presence.

Some members of the Montana's briefly merged with Trapeze, forming a new version of Trapeze, who recorded a powerful new album.

The whole album (along with personal interviews with the band) was unusually showcased on Radio-One's Simon Bates, (or was it Dave Lee Travers?) tea-time show, on the Friday before they were due to fly to the USA on a promotional tour.

But despite this amazing promotion and publicity, they never went to the USA, instead they broke-up on the eve of their visit.

It was rumoured that this was due to artistic difference...

I saw them perform, and it was obvious that there were two or three egos all vying for the main spot, and this can be heard on the album, but this doesn't alter the fact that it's a great album, even though it's somewhat overpowering.

And if my memory serves me well, during this merger, Ian (sludge) Lees, became the lead singer of the remaining Montana's.

Ian had a really great voice, and I (personally) know that he was crushed by these break-ups, and eventually he gave up singing for good, and became a great comedian.

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