Trapeze... were from the Cannock area. An amazing three piece band consisting of; 

Glenn Hughes (Lead singer and Lead Base)
Mel Galley (Lead Guitarist)
Dave Holland. (Drums)

I went to the same school as Glenn Hughes, and it was obvious to everyone who saw him, that he was going to be a big star...

Glenn practiced every minute of the day that he could, Glenn was a straight 'A' student, so he often bunked off school lessons to practice in a secret location of the school. 
(word had it, that this was the art teacher's store room)

While at school he formed a group, which was basically a copy of the Shadows, which performed at the occasional school dance, (not sure, but I think these were called the 'in-betweens)

But eventually after leaving school, Trapeze was formed...

To be continued !


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