Ian (sludge) Lees


Ian (sludge) Lees... comes from Cannock, and started his career as a (great) singer in local groups including; Finders Keepers, The Strollers, and The Telstars.

Eventually recording with:
   The Montanas and Light Fantastic

It was always a joy to see a Finders Keepers gig:
hey covered the usual chart hits, but also included some of the more soulful and mellow songs, especially suited to Ian's great soulful voice.

Ian's wicked sense of humour, meant that great songs were interspersed with outrageous gags, guaranteed to have the crowd in hysterics.

Sadly: Ian eventually gave up singing, but thankfully; he continued to put his talents to very good use, by becoming a very successful and celebrated comedian...

Appearing on TV in New Faces, Tiswas, and The comedians.

Ian has won numerous awards, including:
Twice runner up in the Club Mirror Awards once to Tom OConnor,
and; Comedian of the year by the JEP/Royal Variety Club.

But the really great thing is... Ian still continues to delight audiences around the UK.

So if you need a good laugh (and who doesn't these days) then go and see the master at work!

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