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Are You Passionate
About The Performing Arts ?

If so: Would you like to be part of a new company,
that creates productions performed for the local community,
and nationally if the demand can be created ?

Stage A Play.com mission statement:

To form a production company, that primarily performs

Aren't there productions companies already producing new works ?

Yes, there are a few productions companies that produce new works, but most only produce a small number of plays each year, and seem to only choose plays that fit a particular type, style, or subject matter.

I confess, I have an ulterior motive !

If (like me) your a budding writer, and you've attempted to get your work staged, then you'll know that it's really difficult for most regular-folk to get regular-work produced in a real-theatre !

I don't want to stand on a soap-box here, but in my experience, the companies that do actively seek out and produce new works, are usually looking for a certain kind of play, that may not suite the average-writer.

So why may this be the case ?

There are many reasons, but generally: It's expensive to produce any kind of live works, so many production companies only stage the plays that fit in with their financial sponsors remit.

This can cause the production company, to have a very narrow field of view, when it comes to selecting the type of work that they'll consider producing.

So rather than encouraging the average person to write what they want to write, it forces them to write plays that fit a very narrow set of parameters.

This makes it difficult if not impossible for many writers to get produced.

So I'd like to hear from you, if:

  You have a real passion for the performing arts, and would like to be part of this new company, to create new productions that can be performed for the local community, and nationally if the demand can be created.

  Disciplines required include: writing, performing, producing, set design & construction, sound & lighting, etc,.

But Other Important Skills Are Also Needed !

People with promotional skills:

With commitment and dedication, anyone can perform a play, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to raise the money that makes those performances economically possible.

No one wants (or can afford) to perform to an empty theatre, so we also need promotional people who are passionate & committed to:

  Actively finding backers/sponsors to fund the cost of staging each play.

  Actively promoting our plays to the public at large,
       to regularly put bums on seats.

  So if you are interested, please complete the form below...

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