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Well I was there: 
As a child of the 60s, it was an exciting time in musical history, a great time to be young, and going out to quality live gigs most nights of the week.

As an outsider to the Fab Four's real world, this detailed book helps explain a lot, really putting things into perspective...

From: Chronicling Paul's early life, and revealing how it intersected with others, thereby giving birth to an amazing song writing duo, that set the musical bench mark so high, that few can only dream of emulating...

To: Ultimately helping to create the most influential popular group of all time.

And then there's Paul life after the Beatles, right up to his encounter with Heather Mills.

...it was John and Paul who gave the Stones what proved to be their breakthrough 2nd single:
     'I wanna Be You Man'       ...teaching the band the chords that afternoon.

Bill Wyman: 'They ran through it for us, & Paul being left-handed, amazed me by 
                          playing my bass backwards'                                                     more book quotes > >

This book, FAB: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney: 
Intriguingly shows how Paul's rise to fame, involved exceptional talent and hard work, yet the desired success, often hinged on coincidence, chance and luck, which continued to play a big part in the Beatles rise to commercial success, and ultimate stardom...

Eloquently illustrating the famous quote by Samuel Goldwyn who once said:
   "The harder I work, the luckier I get."

I decided to read this account of Paul's life, with some trepidation, thinking, here's just another hack out to make a quick buck at the expense of someone else’s hard earned career...

But I needn't have worried:
As author Howard Sounes, has managed to create not only an interesting and informative read, but he's achieved this with great compassion and diligence to the facts, without resorting to the more sensationalised approach so often chosen by lesser authors.

A great informative read, whether your: An ardent Paul McCartney/Beatles nut, or: Wish to be inspired and uplifted by great achievements from humble beginnings.

Long Live The Beatles !

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