Just a Few of the Possible Topics...

  • Please checkout the list below and let me know:
    • which topics would be of interest.
    • other topics that you'd like to see added.
    • anything that you'd like to contribute.

  • Are you looking for a good evening out, then you'll need:
    • info on local live music events.

  • Maybe you'd like to read reviews and biographies:
    • of current local artists, and...
    • legendary local performers from the golden years of the 60s & 70s...
    • plus comments, memories and anecdotes, from musicians and fans who were there at the time.

  • Or you're a budding artist looking for great places to perform ?   If so you'll need to find:
    • open-mic events; great informal events where you can just drop-in and play !
    • inc; amateurs, semi-pro and pro.

  • Talent contests:
    • local, and national events.

  • DVD's, CD's (and downloads) for sale:
    • commercial sales and charitably fundraising...
    • of local artists; amateurs, semi-pro and pro.

  • General jokes: (anecdotal funny stories etc.)

  • Guitar tuition:
    • face to face, one to one tuition.
    • guitar club; face to face, tuition in a group.
    • online; using text, graphics, audio and video.
    • by post; using books, CD's & DVD's etc.

  • Classified adds:
    • perhaps you have a musical instrument to sell...
    • or your looking to buy.
    • or looking for other musicians to form a band.
    • or give your venue and forthcoming acts a plug.

These are just a few of the topics that could be included...

But there's so much more, so...

Please email us now to let us know your interests, or send in your contributions.