Matt Thorpe


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Matt Thorpe is one of the UK's best kept secrets !

His soulful guitar playing is so Uplifting to listen to, and Amazing to watch...

That it takes me right back to one of the last live gigs of Paul Kossoff (lead guitarist of the band FREE) which I saw shortly before Paul's untimely death.

Now Matt thinks that... 'Paul Rodgers (vocalist of FREE) has to be one of the greatest male vocalists of all time'

Well I do to, in fact, some of Matt's playing has a Paul Rodgers vocal quality to it, so that's another reason why he sounds so great.

Matt's been playing for over 35 years...
Mainly original material, with many varied musicians and live bands.

Copyright of Matt Thorpe

His musical influences are many...
Including the early Eric Clapton recordings, from the Cream era onwards.

And as you would expect... 
Matt has a good selection of classic guitars, but his favourite for gigging and recording the blues, is a 1990 Gibson Les Paul Standard in wine red, (above right) which he purchased back in 1995, and it sounds just great.

Impressive back catalogue...
Matt also has a very impressive back catalogue of original work, that he's self produced, self 
recorded, written and performed. 

And he has enjoyed phenomenal success on the Internet...
Because over the last few years, a lot more people have been able to enjoy his music...

It all started with the old MP3.COM website, where Tens of thousands of people per month, were 
downloading his tracks for free.

But sadly MP3.COM no longer provide that free service, but thankfully you can still get acquainted with Matt's music, for free, by downloading his tracks from a variety of websites on the net.

Then you'll want to buy all of his albums online, either as mp3 downloads, or as a real CD.

So check out all the links below, for much more information !

  Here's just a few of the comments from Matt's fans...
"Man I just checked out some of your mp3's on the web, damn you are awesome bro. keep it up" 
"Was Just Listening to Your CD, Man You are Awesome, I Love the Guitar Lick's, I could even Feel 
what you where playing. Good to see someone realy getting back into what the Blues is all about." 
"Wonderful. I have not enjoyed a guitar like yours, in a long while. Thank you." 
"Matt, started listening to one of your songs but I couldn't wait so I stopped listening and 
started downloading. I am sure I am going to have to get some of your CD's. I hope you come to 
St. Louis Mo. some time. Maybe you can play at Blueberry Hill." 
Matt's previous groups include Cold Shot & Escape, who played a wide range of popular Blues and Rock music, and currently you can experience Matt Playing Live with a variety of bands in venues around the area, including: Running Shoes (AKA: The Riki B Band)

Just a very small fraction of Matt's previous gigs:

with: The Tom Woodman Band, The Greyhound in Lichfield. 

with: Becky Menear, Ken Stratford and Tony Portlock
...outdoors at: Northycote Farm, Bushberry.

And part of: The Blues On The Loose ~ Lichfield Festival
with Tom Woodman Band, at: The Lichfield Guild Hall.

with: Becky Menear, Ken Stratford and Tony Portlock
...at: The Flamingo Tea Rooms

And our very popular Blues Groups:

* ColdShot with Chris Perrin: Guitar ~ Pete Sylvester: Bass ~ Graham Lightfoot: Drums
    & Matt Thorpe: Lead Guitar

* ...which became Escape with Ricky Booth: Vocal/Guitar ~ Pete Sylvester: Bass ~
        Graham Lightfoot: Drums & Matt Thorpe: Lead Guitar

* Then with: Neil Lewis Guy & Kim, at: the Kings Head Lichfield.

* And now my latest group: When It Rains
    with: Rob Powell: Keyboard/Vocal ~ Dave Smaylen: Drums ~ Brian Richards: Bass ~
         Pete Cottom: Percussion & Matt Thorpe: Lead Guitar.

Forthcoming Gigs:   TBA

Why don't you go and see Matt Thorpe perform LIVE ?   Then let us know what you think !

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