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Mark Cocker is another really brilliant local musician, with a really great voice, that I've had the pleasure to meet, and see perform locally...

Mark does some 'spot-on' covers, including; Fire and Rain & Nights In White Satin. Amazing!

Plus lots of his own equally as good and inspiring compositions.

Check them out for free on his website (see below)


Here's a brief biography from Mark...

"I started playing the guitar and singing at the age of 10. 

James Taylor, John Denver and Don McLean were my heroes and influences back then.

I also studied Classical Guitar from 13 to 21 when I graduated from music college in Manchester.

For most of my twenties I toured Scandinavia and Europe continuously with various bands, playing the hotels, theatre and nightclub circuit.

In the late eighties I returned to live in the UK and music became a part-time occupation.

I began writing songs and became quite prolific for a while and in 1998 I was signed to a American indie label, Atlan-Dec Records in Georgia. 

My debut album:
"Stepping Into The Light" was released, featuring 14 of my own songs. 

Nearly 10 years on, the album is still selling today on the internet from retailers such as Amazon.co.uk

Tracks from the album still receive airplay in around 42 countries and the track "Tonight" was used by Oprah Winfrey as a theme for one of her cable TV shows in the states.

These days, music is just a hobby for me, as I now work as an independent IT & Business Consultant.

But I still enjoy writing and recording, and I've started to enjoy playing live again, at many of the open-mic's around the area, and...

I will be organising regular gigs of my own in Stone and the surrounding area's, so...

I hope to see you around real soon."

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Check-out Marks website

Check out Mark's album at:  Amazon.co.uk

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So why don't you come along,
& experience the real live musical talent of Mark Cocker & have a great night out !

Reviews of Mark's Previous Gigs:  (if you were there ~ please let me have your reviews !)

Everyone had a really great night at the Plume of Feather on Saturday, when Mark performed a wide selection of well-known hits spanning the last 50 years of popular music, including some of his own exceptional compositions.

And his guest artists, Jackie & Linda; made a nice contrast, and added to the excitement of the evening with some popular ballads and great Rock-n-Role.


Why don't you go and see Mark Cocker perform LIVE ?   Then let us know what you think !

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